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Riding in Millau

Discover or rediscover a side of France that you might not necessarily know

Millau (France)


When you ride long distances, comfort and road holding are essential.

This is especially true if you're clocking up a lot of kilometers on motorways or expressways, whether that’s on a one-off trip or your daily commute.

The famous Millau viaduct that spans the Tarn valley in the south of France was designed to last over 120 years and withstand winds of over 200 km/h. And just like this architectural masterpiece, the new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 showcases cutting-edge stability and endurance.

Whether you're an occasional biker, an everyday user or a long-distance tourer, and whether you're riding a medium-to-large cc roadster, a road trail bike or a comfortable, well-equipped GT, time and distance will show you that the new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 delivers at every level.