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Tips to enjoy the ride

Discover all our tips to enjoy your ride

  • Choosing the right equipment

    During your journey you're likely to experience a range of weather conditions. You should avoid choosing an outfit for only hot weather or only cold weather.

  • Choose the best, forget the rest

    Extra weight is truly your motorcycle's enemy. The more it is weighed down, the less comfortable your bike will be and the less well it will handle.

  • Loading your motorcycle

    Whatever your final load, take care to ensure that it doesn't interfere with your motorcycle's basic features, its balance and its weight distribution.

  • Fine tune your motorcycle before you set off

    Fine tuning your motorcycle allows you to ride more confidently, avoid muscle pain and increase your level of comfort so you don't get tired as easily.

  • Riding with a passenger

    Adventures can be even better when shared with a partner. It's also completely possible for passengers to ride enduro-style, standing up like the driver.

  • Riding in a group

    Riding in a group has got to be one of the true joys of motorcycle journeys. You need to have a good understanding of the basic rules to make sure everyone in the group stays safe

  • Making a U-turn in a narrow road

    This is undoubtedly a dangerous situation. You don't want to fall off a cliff!

  • Fording a stream

    For adventurous riders, finding yourself faced with a ford can be very tempting. You can already see yourself slicing through the water.